About us

Our Story
Hi, we are Nina and Anne, two mums, designers and business women with an idea.

Having 6 kids between us, we know what it’s like. You have your hands full and at the same time you get that important phone call. If your bag is anything like ours, you’ll find yourself rummaging through old receipts, half eaten biscuits and a few pennies in search of your mobile phone.

To end this, we created HeyHandy the mobile phone necklace, to keep your phone close, your hands free and yourself happy.

So what is a phone necklace?
The HeyHandy phone necklace is a cord which is attached to a shockproof phone case. The cord is adjustable in length and comes in various colours. But it doesn’t end there. You can also accessorise your necklace with different coloured tassels. 

So, no more searching for your phone in bags and pockets or accidentally dropping it in the loo. Simply wear your HeyHandy phone necklace across or in front of your body and keep it save. Going to the shops, the playground, to work or dancing at that amazing festival. 

HeyHandy is perfect for everyone, everyday! It’s fun, stylish and well, just handy!